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In the Fall of 1977 Sr. Maureen Clare visited Toronto to encourage the forming of a Toronto Chapter of the ICHS Alumnae Association. Making the Toronto Chapter the oldest. Sr Maureen Clare held meetings in the homes of Sadi Wong, Marjorie Lyn and Adrienne Aarons. A large number of 'old girls' who had relocated to Toronto were very receptive to the idea and on June 12, 1978 the Toronto chapter of the ICHS Alumnae Association was born, with Sadi Wong as its official Convenor.

The Constitution of the Jamaica Chapter was used as the basis of the new chapter' own constitution and on June 12, 1978 the Toronto Chapter of the ICHS Alumnae Association was registered as a non-profit social organization with the Government of Ontario.

In the first few years, the Chapter held regular fundraising functions, gradually building its assets. The first objective to aid our Alma Mater was met when they donated all the equipment for the newly built science labs, making them the best equipped on the island.

Over the years the Toronto Chapter has continued its gracious support and constant growth, and today boasts a Canadian mailing list of over 400 alumnae.


New York




In the summer of 1984 a group of five "old girls" from the Graduating Classes of 1965, 1966 and 1970 met informally at the invitation of Sheila Murray (nee Holtham '64), Maureen Thompson ('65) Ethel Barnes (nee McQueen '66) and Maxine White-Levy ('70). Though small in number, the enthusiasm of that group was enormous and from that small, informal beginning, the New York Chapter grew and was inaugurated in the spring of 1985.

Our current membership consists of a diverse group of alumnae 'old girls', graduating classes from as far back as the 1940' and '50' as well as more recent graduates from the 1980' and 90'. These graduates are mostly career women excelling in fields that span various professions, such as; Banking, Science, Law, Medicine, and Education, while still fulfilling their roles as wives and mothers. 

Each year since its inception, the New York Chapter has hosted two fund raising events, the proceeds of which are contributed to the Alumnae Scholarship Fund.







The youngest member of the Alumnae Family is the Miami Chapter which was officially launched on May 25, 1991 at the Christ the King Lutheran Church Hall in Miami. 

Although youthful in its formation, this Chapter boasts a membership of over 300 graduates and was let by its first President Mrs. Marva (Robinson) Lasoff. Later on Miss Heather McPherson was elected President and is supported by an executive. 

At the Official Launching ceremony the Chapter honoured Sr. Maureen Clare Hall, OSF, and Miss Lisa Narcisse among others for outstanding contribution to the Association and Alma Mater.






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n 2012, an article published in the Jamaican Newspaper engaged the attention of a small group of past students of Immaculate Conception High School. The article pertained to the fact that Jamaica and high schools were paying in excess of $1 billion JMD annually for electricity.  In response to the article Ann Marie Brutus(nee Clarke '85)  organized  a meeting of six former students namely Sophia Garriques (nee Robinson '85) Natalie Spencer ('85),  Nicole Blair ('85), Erica Johnson ('85), Marilyn Mathis (nee Marsh '86) and Novelette Hart (nee Graham '85). The small group generated a potent conversation concerning Immaculate Conception’s contribution to the $1 billion bill and sustainability of its contribution in light of prevailing and impending developments at the school. This initial meeting and momentum developed in the course of subsequent follow up conference calls marked the informal establishment of ICHS International Alumnae Association. The group has since matured in the scope and range of its interests and concerns. The following accounts for the events and milestones that punctuate this process of maturation into the current state of ICHS International Alumnae Association.

We are grateful to the Toronto Alumnae Association for their immense and invaluable support throughout the maturation. In particular, the much needed guidance through the procedural steps of establishing an association. The support to International culminated in a kickoff event which they hosted held in Niagara Falls Canada in the summer of 2014.
We are a 501(c) Non-Profit Organization under US law. This was accomplished in February 2015. One important ramification of this status is that the organization is now open to channels of contribution from US citizens and corporations. 

The primary goal of the International Alumnae Association is to leverage the support of the ICHS alumnae worldwide ensuring the financial sustainability and maintaining the legacy of ICHS.  The intent of the International Alumnae Association is to facilitate engagement, participation and contribution among all alumnae in the international diaspora. We accomplish this by harnessing the benefit of virtual meeting platforms.


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