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Reasons to Join the ICHS Alumnae Association


PAY IT FORWARD:  ICHS Alumnae Student Scholarships

ICHS Alumnae Association members raise funds for scholarships for students in need of tertiary education support.


Alumnae Recognition: We Share Your Success

ICHS Alumnae Association Biennial Immaculate Conception High School Hall of Fame Benefit Banquet recognizes outstanding alumnae members while raising funds for scholarships at the tertiary institutions.


Networking Opportunities

ICHS Alumnae Association Events are a great way to network, build relationships and connections with other alumnae deeply rooted within the community and around the world. We have widened the opportunity of networking by doing so virtually.


International Alumnae Chapters

The ICHS Alumnae Association Chapters bring your alma mater to you.  Receive invitations to receptions, events and special fundraising activities.  Join us in regional locations like Washington D.C., Florida, Toronto, New York, and Europe.



Volunteer Opportunities

Interact with students and volunteer on behalf of the alumnae association to help make a difference in developing educational opportunities. Volunteer to be a Big Sister and share your experience with the next generation.  We want to hear from you and help you have an important role in our students' success.



School Spirit Goes a Long Way

First Global Alumnae Support Programme:  Put the ICHS Credit Card in your wallet, show your pride, and support the Alumnae Association! 1% of all purchases goes to support alumnae activities.

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